CHALLENGE When Major League Baseball launched the World Baseball Classic, it needed to establish the concept and build ticket sales and television ratings, as well as encourage purchases of online tickets and promotional products. There was also the matter of reaching out to Spanish-speaking fans in the United States to promote playoff games featuring Latin-American teams.

INSIGHT The World Baseball Classic taps into the national heritage and pride of baseball fans, galvanizing them to watch and attend games to support their home country. The nature of the project required our multicultural experience and flexible execution, as teams and lineups changed quickly and at each round.

SOLUTION CRN stepped up to the plate and executed comprehensive radio and television campaigns in San Francisco, Miami, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. Each consisted of live personality endorsements and appearances, sweepstakes, viewer parties, and a mix of spots and promotional messages that included customized, up-to-date game information specific to each market. The campaign also included strong digital integration, with added-value WBC logos and banner ads on station websites and email blasts to thousands of listeners.

RESULT Record-breaking attendance and television viewing in key campaign markets. The WBC championship game was the most-watched game ever on ESPN Desportes.