An email arrives at 4:42 p.m. from an agency in distress that needs to present a 150-station radio campaign to a client the next day. Detailed budget and pricing. Market-by-market negotiations. Non-traditional features. Digital presence. Oh, and throw in an old-fashioned Nor’easter along the eastern seaboard that has closed stations and paralyzed personnel at this exact moment.

CRN kicks into a different gear. Reacting quickly.Thinking creatively. Stretching comfort zones. Confidence. Passion. Pride. Magic.

At CRN, it’s about execution, teamwork and performance. But it’s also about new ideas-- ideas that break through traditional marketing and create strategic, custom-built campaigns. Ideas that incorporate the right message with the right media to drive more people to your brands. That’s been our mantra for 40 years.

When you engage with CRN, you get our thinking, our innovation, our energy, our cleverness, even our nuttiness, and an absolute adherence to your best interests.

Challenges inspire us. Internal titles don’t restrict us. 
When you get CRN, you get our soul.