CHALLENGE Hershey’s reached out to CRN to develop a highly strategic and tactically complex radio plan for the Reese’s Franchise. We’d need to meet a range of yearlong objectives, including keeping the brand top of mind, driving impulse sales, supporting a new product launch, and driving engagement across consumer promotions. CRN needed to go even further and help Reese’s secure specific merchandising from its customers. Radio would be put to the test in every market and above all other mediums to drive activation among key retailers.      

INSIGHT The flexibility of radio would allow Reese’s to easily change its messaging market by market to cover all of its initiatives. Working within this highly customizable medium would also give Reese’s the opportunity to increase its communication frequency without creating message fatigue. Because radio is so targetable, Reese’s could tie in local retailers and offer them inclusion in their messaging in exchange for performance. The brand could then track sales at retailer partners down to the local level.

SOLUTION CRN developed an integrated radio marketing plan for the “Reese’s Perfect” platform that aligned with the brand's yearlong efforts and leveraged an aggressive merchandising initiative. All on-air communication emphasized Reese’s Perfect positioning and was customized to support the brand’s larger communication platforms, including its partnerships with the NCAA and EA Sports. Everything that aired was tied to local markets and participating retail customers. It was the perfect pairing of an iconic brand and a well-developed radio plan, right down to the winning consumer prizes.

RESULT The Reese’s radio plan delivered $4.1M in incremental merchandising across multiple classes of trade and contributed an incremental 37% in sales versus those attributed to radio in the previous year.