CHALLENGE Playtex wanted distribution of their Just My Size plus-size bras in Walmart, which was willing to carry the product provided that Playtex supplied a standout promotion to support the introduction.

INSIGHT Both Walmart and Playtex believed that a personal connection was needed to persuade their very particular target customers. Local plus-size female radio personalities were the perfect fit.

SOLUTION We sourced and recruited radio personalities who matched the brand profile and arranged for them to speak about the bra and its fit in ad-libbed testimonials. Stations also broadcast live from Walmart locations during a Playtex personal shopper event that featured expert Just My Size bra fittings. A short-form program and contest featuring plus-size style tips further engaged the target consumer with the brand.

RESULT Year-over-year sales at Walmart stores with the radio event support far exceeded growth at key Walmart stores in general. Unit sales were up 114 percent at the radio event-supported stores versus 53 percent. Dollar sales at the radio event-supported locations were up 101 percent versus 46 percent.