What is Non-Traditional Radio?


Non-traditional radio marketing takes advertisers' messages
out of the cluttered stop set and puts them into the heart of programming space, where listener attention is highest.


Non-traditional marketing tactics don't sound like commercials, and are often promotional or content-driven in nature. They grab listener attention, communicate brand features and benefits in a way that sticks, and deliver a strong call to action.


Why Non-Traditional Radio Messaging?

Non-Traditional Tactics

Non-Traditional Facts and Figures


of brands say their organizations are shifting into
branded content.


of consumers trust brand recommendations from friends,
but only 10% trust advertising.


Host product endorsements typically drive a 400% increase in response over non-endorsed spots.

Radio Personalities

have a personal relationship with their audience, and
listeners respond strongly to the sound of their voice.


75% say they turn on the radio because they know their favorite personality is on the air.

72% talk to their friends about their favorite radio personality or what they heard on the program.

52% say their favorite personality influences their opinion.

51% consider or purchase a product advertised during their favorite personality's show.