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CHALLENGE A lack of consumer engagement and push to retail had led to a double-digit decline in sales for Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies, a regional Kellogg Company brand.

INSIGHT With cookies known to be an impulse buy, Mother’s needed to stand out on the shelf and in the minds of consumers. The product had been a family tradition in many households for generations, but Kellogg’s wanted today’s moms to reconnect with Mother’s as a relatable brand, not just a nostalgic one. It was time for an update.

SOLUTION CRN created a persona that brought the character of “Mother” to life on radio—a thoroughly relevant, modern and funny working mom on-the-go. The character was introduced on the radio in engaging, non-advertising ways, including a series of two-minute ad-libbed “conversations” with station personalities. The campaign also provided free radio advertising to two retailers in exchange for incremental display merchandising for Mother’s.

“On all levels, this program exceeded my expectations and has been a real win for my brand.”
— Colleen Chorak, Senior Marketing Director, Kellogg Cookie Portfolio.

RESULT Our campaign gave Mother’s Cookies an overall sales lift of 7% while the campaign was on the air, according to Nielsen data. The brand’s Circus Animal Cookies, a variety highlighted in the campaign, was up 40%. The program exceeded Kellogg’s expectations and was considered a win for the brand.