CHALLENGE Jolly Rancher was ramping up for a national TV advertising campaign to promote its new Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews. Competition in this category was tough. Not only did the product need a larger share of voice against its competitors, it also needed a larger share of space at retail. The company was seeking a trade-integrated radio promotion that would incent C-stores to set up incremental displays while also driving sales among the teen demo.

INSIGHT Teens respond to real content, not ad pitches. Non-traditional radio was a perfect fit for creating brand affinity.

SOLUTION We created a campaign that tapped into teen lifestyles, drove product purchase, and integrated trade messaging to convince C-stores to set up incremental displays. The campaign included:

Chews to Make a Difference: We interviewed local kids doing good in their community for this highly promoted radio series that included both brand and retail messaging in program billboards and promos.

Fruit Chew Music NOW: Teen-friendly programs featured new bands and artists just breaking into the music scene. We surrounded them with billboards that included brand and retail messages without sounding like advertising.

DJ Engagement and Product Placements: DJs sampled Fruit Chews on the air, endorsed the candy, and made it the “official fun candy” of the station.

Wrapper Madness: Stations asked listeners a question that could only be answered if they had a Fruit Chews wrapper in hand.

Wrapper Redemption Support: A Fruit Chews promotional offer was supported with on-air announcements.

RESULT Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews became the number one non-chocolate candy sold in convenience stores in all CRN radio markets during the promotional period.