CRN’s "Distraction" Podcast Kicks Off Series of New Shows with a Millennial Social Media Star

Jessica McCabe   

Jessica McCabe


HAMDEN, CT – The “Distraction” podcast, hosted by Dr. Ned Hallowell and produced by CRN International’s Collisions division, is kicking off on July 11 a series of new episodes by welcoming as a guest one of the most powerful Millennial voices in the ADHD community.

The July 11 show will feature Jessica McCabe, whose “How-To ADHD” YouTube channel offers advice on ADHD for Millennials for some 100,000 followers and has generated some 5 million views.

Millions of Millennials have been diagnosed with ADHD. A National Institute of Mental Health study of Millennials found that by age 18, 35 percent will be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, 25 percent will be diagnosed with a substance addiction, and 20 percent will have a behavioral disorder.

McCabe is a firm believer in sharing personal stories of her own struggles to help others benefit. She and Dr. Hallowell both support a strength-based approach in dealing with ADHD. They discuss everything from making connections, coping with the day to day, and whether certain medications are effective.

“It’s important to dispel perceptions about ADHD,” says McCabe. “If I forget my keys, does that mean I get a pill for that?”

Other new episodes of “Distraction” will delve into understanding your distracted spouse, leaving your cell phone at home, and secrets to what makes a good life.

“More and more people are living lives that feel out of balance,” says Dr. Hallowell, a child and adult psychiatrist, New York Times bestselling author, and the go-to person for major national shows and publications on the subjects of ADHD and connecting in today’s world.

Dr. Hallowell and CRN started “Distraction” in March 2016 to offer intriguing conversations and give people strategies on how to thrive in our crazy-busy, 24/7 modern world. Learn more on the show’s website ( and by listening to the show on iTunes.

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