Leading Psychiatrist Hits Authorities For Not Taking Mental Health Seriously in Fort Lauderdale Tragedy

Says in “Distraction” Podcast the system failed by letting a psychotic man walk

HAMDEN, CT –  Dr. Edward Hallowell, a leading child and adult psychiatrist and New York Times bestselling author, sounded an alarm over the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting on this week’s “Distraction” podcast, saying “the system failed” and allowed a psychotic man back on the streets with a gun in his hand.

Dr. Hallowell, host of the “Distraction” podcast produced by CRN International’s Collisions division, discussed 26-year-old Army veteran Esteban Santiago, the suspect. He said Santiago went to the Anchorage FBI “saying he was having terrorist thoughts. He did all he could to sound the alarm. Authorities then released him and gave him his gun back.”

Dr. Hallowell said on the podcast, “If someone is that explicit and says he is hearing voices and has a gun, he should be taken seriously – he was psychotic. But the system is overloaded, so he’s not getting the help he needs. It’s a funding issue, and mental health is at the bottom of the totem pole.”

The tragedy, said Dr. Hallowell, brought attention back to a long-held belief that “we need to take mental health seriously. This was a sick man who did a terribly bad thing.”

Listen to the full episode HERE. Dr. Hallowell is available for interviews.

The “Distraction” podcast was created by CRN International’s Collisions division to help people cope and thrive in our crazy-busy, 24/7 modern world.

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