CRN International Launches New Podcast Division, Introduces First Four Series

NEW HAVEN, CT (MARCH 22) – Leading audio marketing company CRN International has launched Collisions, a new division to produce and distribute original podcasts, and has unveiled four podcast series, with the first launching today.

Collisions will develop podcasts in diverse categories for the growing base of curious podcast listeners, pegged at 98 million worldwide in the new Infinite Dial 2016 Report.

Collisions also announced its first four original series: “Distraction,” debuting today and hosted by psychiatrist and leading ADHD authority Dr. Ned Hallowell; “The Car and Driver Podcast,” launching later this week with the automotive publishing leader Car and Driver magazine; the “Official Sasquatch! 2016 Festival Podcast,” a Live Nation music festival, starting in April; and “Stockton,” featuring Hall of Fame sports broadcaster Dick Stockton, slated for a summer release.

While Collisions primarily will create podcasts that draw loyal followers and provide sponsorship opportunities, it also will develop podcasts customized for client marketing campaigns and offer direction for advertisers seeking appropriate existing podcasts.

The first series, “Distraction,” available now, provides expert advice on how to cope in our crazy-busy, ever-connected, 24/7 modern world which is loaded with distractions. Dr. Hallowell, a New York Times best-selling author of “Driven to Distraction,” will explore how we are driven to distraction and offer strategies and ways to turn these modern problems into newfound strengths. Topics will include: health and happiness, parenting, stress and worry, getting organized, interpersonal relationships, difficult people, and navigating the office, among others.

Auto enthusiasts and industry experts will get their first taste of “The Car and Driver Podcast” from this week’s New York International Auto Show, with daily episodes that include car introductions, commentary and interviews between Car and Driver’s award-winning writers and auto industry CEOs.

Sasquatch! ranks among the top summer music festivals and draws close to 50,000. The weekly podcast series, starting in April, will be hosted by American music journalist John Norris and take music lovers on the fascinating journey leading up to the festival, with exclusive behind-the-scenes stories you can’t get elsewhere about some of the approximately 100 performing artists.

The company also announced “Stockton,” featuring Dick Stockton, one of the world’s most preeminent sports journalists. Stockton has covered the Olympics, World Series, NFL and NBA, is a broadcast member of the NBA Hall of Fame, and has been named one of the top 50 network sportscasters of all time. He will offer a broadcaster’s first-hand, behind-the-scenes insights into the most interesting and important sports events of modern time, as well as his perspectives on breaking stories.

CRN President and Founder Barry Berman said Collisions is a natural extension of CRN’s business, which has produced more than 1,000 radio series and promotions, and marketing campaigns for some of the world’s most iconic brands including Johnson & Johnson, Hershey, Microsoft, Chrysler, Major League Baseball, Campbell’s, Absolut, and many more.

“CRN has deep experience in the broader context of the podcast world, which includes not only creative production but media, advertising and marketing,” Berman said.  “We are uniquely qualified in understanding what audiences want, our ability to produce content prolifically and expertly, and having the necessary skills, knowledge and relationships to grow advertising.”

In explaining the name of the new enterprise, Berman said, “Collisions occur in coffee shops, hallways, arenas, at receptions, on sidewalks. Most are innocuous enough. But for those that really matter, they can be game-changers.”

“The potential is unlimited,” Berman said. “We’ll create podcasts from scratch, develop partnerships with entities that have unique content, and help brands and advertisers stretch their marketing strategies using this very effective format.”

About CRN International

CRN International has more than 40 years of experience pioneering new audio strategies and approaches that give clients significant competitive advantages. The company is headquartered in Hamden, CT, with offices in New York, Minneapolis, Detroit, and Hershey, PA.

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