CRN’s “Just The Right Book Podcast” Provides Inside Look at Iconic French Chef Jacques Pepin

Internationally recognized French chef, TV personality and author Jacques Pepin provides a unique glimpse into his profession, his background and his creativity in the kitchen during a wide-ranging interview in CRN’s “Just The Right Book Podcast.”

Pepin, author of 28 books including “Heart & Soul in the Kitchen,” also offers suggestions for holiday recipes in the new podcast, hosted by Roxanne Coady, owner of the famous independent bookseller R.J. Julia, Madison, CT, and produced by CRN’s Collisions podcast division.

Asked if he ever makes any mistakes, Pepin notes, “Cooking is the art of recovery” and he goes on to describe what happened when he overcooked a jelly roll.

His favorite holiday dish? “A bean stew, or cassoulet, with roast pork or duck, because it can be planned ahead. Generally, making a meal is bringing things together at the last moment.”

In the episode, the chef answers the questions of who he would most like to serve a meal to, what goes into a cookbook, and offers words of wisdom for people thinking about becoming a chef.

Pepin also reveals that he will be getting a PhD from Columbia University.

The podcast was created to help book enthusiasts and engaged readers discover new and notable books in all genres, provide unique insights into favorite authors, and bring them up to date with what’s happening in the literary world. Coady, the host, is a highly regarded go-to person for advice on books, whose comments potentially make or break a new release.

Among the authors already interviewed for the podcast are Luvvie Ajayi, Amy Bloom, James Patterson, Maria Semple, Carly Simon and Matthew Dicks.

“As a bookseller of 27 years, obviously I love reading books, talking books and conversing with authors. Now I get to do this on a podcast,” said Coady. “Join us for author interviews, books that have a buzz, books we are loving, and inside publishing and bookselling news. We’ll also be asking independent booksellers from around the country what they’re displaying on their front tables and why.”

The podcast is available on iTunes and the podcast website at

The podcast is the fifth in CRN’s growing portfolio, which now includes shows on books, cars, self-help, sports and music.

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