Omegabrite Founder Joins Dr. Ned Hallowell on CRN’s “Distraction” Podcast

HAMDEN, CT –  Dr. Carol A. Locke, founder of the OmegaBrite nutritional supplement (, appears with Dr. Ned Hallowell on this week’s episode of the “Distraction” podcast, created by CRN International’s Collisions division to help people cope and thrive in our crazy-busy, 24/7 modern world.

OmegaBrite, sponsor of the “Distraction” podcast, is regarded as the highest-purity omega-3 supplement, which is a vital component to overall health and well-being. OmegaBrite was developed and formulated by Dr. Locke while on faculty of Harvard Medical School.

The product, she said, was developed in response to people telling her the omega-3 fatty acid was helping them ease depression and reduce stress. “We wanted to create a product available to the general public that was truly science-based, highly purified, had no aftertaste, and was small enough,” Dr. Locke said.

She said OmegaBrite is a mood-lifter, reduces the perception of stress and factors of inflammation, and is beneficial to those with ADHD, autism, depression or bipolar disorder. Listen to the episode now.

Dr. Hallowell, a longtime user of OmegaBrite, is discussing the supplement in “Distraction” episodes throughout the balance of the year. Visit to learn more about the product.

Dr. Hallowell is a child and adult psychiatrist, leading ADHD authority, New York Times bestselling author, and host of the “Distraction” podcast. Podcasts have been growing in popularity, generating loyal and dedicated followings, putting listeners in control to hear episodes when and where they like, and attracting advertisers recognizing the value of this captive audience.

CRN’s Collisions division has already developed several shows in addition to “Distraction:” “The Car and Driver Podcast,” with the editors of Car and Driver magazine, and “The Official Sasquatch! Festival Podcast,” providing coverage of the Live Nation music festival. Coming soon are “Stockton!”, hosted by sportscaster icon Dick Stockton, and “Just The Right Book!,” a podcast hosted by independent bookseller icon Roxanne Coady of RJ Julia Booksellers.

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