Distraction Podcast Host Dr. Hallowell Supports Legalizing Marijuana

HAMDEN, CT – Leading ADHD authority Dr. Edward Hallowell, host of CRN’s “Distraction” podcast, has come out in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana in this week’s podcast episode.

Dr. Hallowell’s stance comes a week before nine states have marijuana reform on their ballots for next week’s election, with Dr. Hallowell’s home state of Massachusetts being one of them.

“I advise my patients who have ADHD to obey the law,” Dr. Hallowell says. “I also warn them that if they do smoke marijuana they are at greater risk than the average person of developing a dependency that can be quite harmful. But criminalizing marijuana is not the solution. It only creates more problems. My role as a doctor is to help people make wise choices, and as a citizen to advocate for laws that make sense. Making marijuana illegal and criminal does not, in my opinion, make sense.”

The podcast episode also features dialogue with Keith Stroup, Founder and Legal Counsel for NORML (the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), and Jennifer Tejada, Chief of Police in Emeryville, CA, and Chairwoman of the Law & Legislative Committee of the California Police Chiefs Association.

“Distraction” was created to help people cope and thrive in our crazy-busy, 24/7 modern world. Dr. Hallowell is a New York Times bestselling author. The show is sponsored by OmegaBrite, a nutritional supplement.

CRN’s Collisions podcast division has already developed several shows in addition to “Distraction:” “The Car and Driver Podcast,” with the editors of Car and Driver magazine, and “The Official Sasquatch! Festival Podcast,” providing coverage of the Live Nation music festival. Coming soon are “Stockton!”, hosted by sportscasting icon Dick Stockton, and “Just The Right Book!,” a podcast hosted by independent bookseller Roxanne Coady of RJ Julia Booksellers.

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