“Kit Kat and Coffee” Radio Campaign Celebrates Its 10th Year

Ten historic years of candy, coffee and a winning campaign

It was described as “a break’s best friend” when the marketing idea came about in 2007. As its latest campaign launches next month, Hershey’s Kit Kat will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of “Kit Kat and Coffee,” positioning the candy as the perfect snack to complement a coffee break.

With the help of radio and the work of radio marketing company CRN International, the campaign became a huge success. The well-known “Give me a break” tagline initially was employed to attract adults age 25 to 34 who were infrequent users of the product.

Kit Kat and coffee was a marriage made out of, well, perhaps a little desperation. The brand had lost some luster, sales had taken a hit, and executives were reluctant to keep investing in high-cost advertising mediums. Research showed that Kit Kat was often consumed along with a hot beverage, and coffee became the natural partner.

With CRN spearheading the promotional radio, a memorable theme took shape.

Promotional radio brings brand messaging out of the commercial breaks and into radio programming by integrating the brand with DJ chatter, thematic contesting and station segment sponsorships, and custom-created, branded content pieces. Such tactics circumvent listener tune-away and tune-out by delivering brand messaging in memorable ways and driving home a call to action—in this case, going to their local convenience store to pick up a Kit Kat and coffee.

As Kit Kat, coffee, and radio together celebrate 10 years of marketing success, the program continues to drive strong results. Year after year, promotional radio has returned double-digit sales lifts for Kit Kat. In a recent analysis of Kit Kat media, radio scored higher in effectiveness than online advertising, social media advertising, or mobile app advertising.

This year, the promotional campaign, designed to drive sales and merchandising at strategic and regional convenience stores across 25 markets, will include an updated version of the iconic jingle, integrated advertising, strategic promotions, iHeart mobile, Pandora, and inclusion in top gaming podcasts.

“The duration and success of this campaign is testament to the reach and results that radio can deliver for brands. We appreciate the chance to be a part of this program,” said CRN Vice President Patrick Leeney, who handles the Kit Kat business.

About CRN International

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