CRN Named Partner of the Year

CRN International has been named a 2015 Company Partner of the Year by Platform to Employment, a Connecticut state program that takes active steps to train, coach and prepare long-term unemployed workers and place them at appropriate companies.

Platform to Employment is being delivered by The WorkPlace in partnership with the Connecticut Department of Labor. CRN, a 40-year-old radio marketing company near New Haven, CT, and a participant in the program, is being recognized for its “hard work and dedication.”

CRN recently took the podium at the Connecticut State Capitol Building to help celebrate the achievement of jobseekers from five statewide locations as part of the groundbreaking employment program serving some 500 people.

In a graduation ceremony that featured State Sen. John Kissel and State Rep. Mary M. Mushinsky, CRN was represented by Steve Parker of its Connecticut Radio Network operation.

Parker offered some advice for jobseekers: “Employers are looking at who you are as a person. They are looking at likeability, knowledge—what you’re able to bring to their business.”

He stressed the need for quality networking. “It’s not about how many people you can touch throughout the room,” he told the gathering. “Networking is finding one or two individuals so you can say ‘there’s a connection,’ spend time with them, get to know them—that’s the key.”

While P2E has helped hundreds of Connecticut residents, the program has been replicated in 12 cities across the nation. P2E begins with a five-week preparatory program to help participants confront barriers between themselves and employment. During the preparatory program participants receive coaching, learn communication techniques, participate in workshops on emotional well-being and acquire new job search skills.

After completing the program, P2E assists participants in finding employment. To date, more than 80 percent of participants placed in a trial work experience have been hired by employers.

The Partner of the Year Award will be presented to CRN on June 23 at a Workplace Annual Awards Ceremony in Bridgeport, CT.

About CRN International

CRN International has more than 40 years of experience in not only planning and buying radio, but in pioneering new strategies and approaches that give clients significant competitive advantages. Marketing solutions are based on a combination of art, science, history, intuition, market intelligence, and—most importantly—the business objectives of clients, some of the world’s most well-known brands.