Which Messaging Impacts Millennials?

NEW HAVEN, CT – They want information when they want it. Their attention spans can be limited. They are tech-savvy like no generation before them. They are multitaskers extraordinaire. And they can be pretty demanding.

Those are some of the stereotypes associated with Millennials. But for marketers trying to penetrate this all-powerful buying demographic in the 18-to-34 age range, we now have some insight into how receptive they are to different forms of marketing messages, particularly using the medium of radio.

The findings, which radio marketing company CRN International broke out from its recently released online research poll of 525 consumers, indicate that Millennials’ messaging preferences are not radically different from the overall survey base: Custom content is the messaging format most likely to move them to purchase consideration, followed by contests and sweepstakes and then by traditional spot commercials – the latter by far the most common form of radio marketing.

The Millennials report is part of CRN’s new Marketing Resource Library designed to provide research and insights on various messaging strategies being employed and considered by brand marketers.

Custom content, according to the Millennials, overwhelmingly was the messaging form that interested them the most, cited by 75 percent. Traditional spot commercials were cited as the most desirable marketing form by only 2 percent.

Millennials’ lack of patience was evident in their responses to how many spot commercials they would listen to within the so-called commercial stop set before tuning out. More than 70 percent said they don’t hang in past the second commercial.

“Brands are investing a lot of thinking and a lot of dollars to attract Millennials,” said CRN Marketing Director Jim Alkon. “We hope our findings shed some light on how to successfully market to this blue-chip buying group.”

To access the full research report with more detailed findings, please CLICK HERE.

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