Separating Your Content From The Pack

NEW HAVEN, CT – Many studies have documented the popularity of content marketing. The tactic has become so popular that the marketplace is overloaded to the point of making it hard to discern which content marketing is useful and effective, and which is not.

Now CRN International, leader in radio marketing, has published a comprehensive white paper to help brands create compelling and relevant content marketing using one of the most effective mediums for it: radio.

The white paper, “Content Marketing: Radio-Style,” offers the forms content marketing can take on the radio, the four stages of custom content creation, how to actually create quality content that engages consumers and advances the brand, best practices, and case studies that have produced impressive results.

A CRN study in 2014 found that content was far and away the most likely form of marketing (among six options) that would spur consumers to consider purchasing a product. “Branded content on radio engages consumers better than ads, builds brand likeability and relationships, induces sales, cuts media costs, creates opportunities for meaningful multiplatform extensions, and provides measurable returns on business objectives,” the report states.

CRN taps into its decades of serving major brands with specific examples of how it used content marketing to grab the attention of target audiences and elevate the marketing objectives of its clients.

The content marketing white paper is part of CRN’s new Marketing Resource Library designed to provide research and insights on various messaging strategies being employed and considered by brand marketers.

Please CLICK HERE to access the report.

About CRN International
CRN International ( uses radio differently to solve marketing challenges for major brands. It is based in New Haven, CT, and has offices in New York; Minneapolis; Detroit; Houston; and Hershey, PA.

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