Marketer Challenges Popular Beliefs

MINNEAPOLIS – Marketers should not be questioning use of the very media platforms that continue to generate meaningful results for them.

So says Patrick Leeney, Vice President of CRN International, which for 40 years has used radio in non-traditional ways to meet the specific business objectives for some of the world’s most well-known brands. “Consumer behavior is changing, but we are not going through the epic shifts people in the industry press would have you believe,” he said.  “Marketers shouldn’t lose sight of what has been working and very cost efficient when integrated with digital, mobile, e-commerce and other emerging platforms.”

“Radio still attracts more than 240 million Americans every week, and its proximity to purchase, or recency, is its greatest asset,” he said. “So let’s not pronounce radio dead just yet.  If anything, radio is reinventing itself to offer more customized, targeted, cross-platform content.”

At CRN, Leeney noted, “Our campaigns cross the boundaries of advertising, consumer promotion, media and retail, focusing on a client’s current business situation to drive sales increases in the short term versus just buying media to build awareness in the long term. If you’ve listened to radio in the past 40 years, you’ve probably heard CRN’s work.”

Leeney caught the radio bug in college as an on-air personality and has worked professionally in local, national and syndicated radio.   He is based in Minneapolis and has worked for CRN for over 14 years.

About CRN International

CRN International ( uses radio differently to solve marketing challenges for major brands. It is based in New Haven, CT, and has offices in New York; Minneapolis; Detroit; and Houston.

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