CRN Reaches 1B Impressions

NEW HAVEN, CT, March 21, 2014 — It took less than three months into the year, but CRN International, longtime leader in radio marketing, last night reached the milestone of one billion broadcast audience impressions generated in 2014 on behalf of its clients.

While much of the country was asleep last night, the counter on the home page of CRN’s website flew past the one billion mark, and it’s still counting.

The broadcast impressions are based on an algorithm and run in real time. They track the sum of all the people who heard something CRN produced, multiplied by how many times they’ve heard them.

CRN Media Strategist Joanne Mitchell noted that CRN tracks only those impressions that are within the negotiated demographic for client campaigns, and the total number is actually much larger when you factor in other listeners outside the negotiated demographic who also have heard work produced by CRN.

CRN works with thousands of radio stations every year. It produces hundreds of shows, manages countless endorsements, and creates thousands of contests, events and other promotions. The final broadcast impressions count for 2013 was more than 4.4 billion.

“We are proud to have hit the one-billion-impressions mark so early in the year,” said CRN President and Founder Barry Berman. “Our philosophy of using radio differently is paying off for our clients, and we thank them for helping us make this moment possible.”

About CRN International

CRN International ( is a leading, full-service radio marketing company recognized for innovation, effectively using radio in non-traditional ways, and delivering measurable results. Celebrating its 40th year in business, CRN’s marketing solutions provide award-winning programming and promotional campaigns for major consumer brands. CRN International is based in New Haven, CT, and has offices in New York; Minneapolis; Detroit; Houston; and Hershey, PA.