CRN Hits 40

Company still defined by its original leadership, constant innovation, unique culture and growing revenue

NEW HAVEN, CT, May 30, 2014 – They say marketing companies are only as good as their last successful campaign and last happy client. CRN International, then, must be very good — after all, it has 40 years worth of both.

The company recently celebrated its 40th anniversary – an achievement attributable to its laser focus of client success, constantly stretching the boundaries of how to use radio, engaging listeners and delivering measurable returns for some of the largest brands in the world.

Today CRN stays in front of media trends and studies its craft meticulously – evaluating the world of radio and the psychology of what will drive consumer action for its clients. CRN goes beyond basic advertising and can weave original content, live events, social media tie-ins, on-air DJ endorsements, real-user testimonials, retail partnerships and more into a marketing strategy. If you’ve listened to radio in the past 40 years, you’ve heard CRN’s innovative work. In 2013, its campaigns aired on about 1,500 radio stations and generated more than 4.4 billion client broadcast impressions. The company recently passed 1.5 billion impressions for 2014.

“The audio landscape is unrecognizable even from just a few years ago,” said CRN Founder and President Barry Berman. “The digital world and the onslaught of pure-play options have given us new factors to consider. Some in the radio business try to downplay their significance or run to the defense of traditional radio advertising, but we embrace them.”

“We are guided by what’s right for our clients and our people, and a strong sense of ethics,” Berman added.

The company recorded double-digit revenue growth in 2013, launched a new corporate website (, appointed new leadership for sales, marketing, creative and client services, and expanded its dialogue with brands and advertising agencies to continue to serve their changing needs.

About CRN International

CRN International ( uses radio differently to solve marketing challenges for major brands. It is based in New Haven, CT, and has offices in New York; Minneapolis; Detroit; Houston; and Hershey, PA.