CHALLENGE Gap had developed its “Stress Free” line of wrinkle-free and stain-free clothing as part of a strategy to attract young men. It wanted to find a way to get men’s attention and change the perception of Gap as predominantly a place to buy women’s wear.

INSIGHT Males are heavy listeners of radio but tend to switch stations more often than women. Running a message buried in a typical commercial stop set would have reduced its exposure to the target audience. CRN knew a better way to engage this ad-averse segment.

SOLUTION CRN sourced popular on-air personalities and outfitted them with Gap Stress-Free khakis to wear and talk about on-air. They also wore them to station events in malls and at movie premieres, concerts and more, talking to everyone they met about how great they are for guys. Additionally, “real people” were sourced as brand ambassadors and interviewed on-air about their experiences with the pants.

RESULT The launch campaign was a success, and Stress Free became a staple brand for Gap.