Content Marketing

Ads are only one way to tell your story. Content has become much more prevalent, yet so much so that most of it is never even seen or heard. CRN does it differently, creating custom branded content, finding the sweet spot of interest for our clients’ customers, drawing the audience in, building bonds and creating buyers. We drive your message home in ways that stick. That’s the better way.


What our content can do

  • Boost sales during key sales periods such as holiday, back to school and Q4

  • Re-energize brands

  • Overcome competitive parity

  • Engage consumers with your brand

  • Demonstrate category leadership

  • Change consumer perceptions

  • Reinforce key product benefits, features, USPs in
    memorable ways

  • Execute hyperlocal strategies


Case Studies

Insights on Content Marketing

10 Ways to Execute on Your Content Marketing Strategy

First, a reality check:

“We are creating content faster than we can measure the quality control of it.”

The idea of communicating with content (rather than pushing hard product benefits) to advance your brand has become a marketing tsunami, bowling over every conceivable prospect in range. It makes so much sense that it has become a favored sales tool and everybody has tried it.

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Quality content so simple
it's frightening

I experienced something so simple the other morning that brings value to advertisers, radio stations, audiences and communities and almost frightens me to even say it: great local over-the-air radio.

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With content, it's who takes
the title

As the regular-season college football season winds down, my thoughts, of course, turn to content.

Content? Sponsored content, as in post-season bowl games.

Recently I was giving a talk about advertiser-created content, and the conversation turned to the benefits of title sponsorship as opposed to a “presenting” sponsorship. For instance: “The Microsoft Small Business Report” vs. “The Small Business Report brought to you by Microsoft.”

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What form of messaging interests
you the most when you listen to radio?

What form of messaging interests you the most when you listen to radio?

“Branded content on radio engages consumers better than ads, builds brand likeability and relationships, induces sales, cuts media costs, creates opportunities for meaningful multiplatform extensions, and provides measurable returns on business objectives.”

---CRN White Paper on Content Marketing

By creating a character on the radio, CRN was able to build content around her and convey the brand message

The idea was to bring the character of “Mother” to life on radio as a highly relevant and respected person who understands what it means to be a mom. A persona was developed for Mother, a mom on the go lending a hand at a child’s lemonade stand; shuttling the kids between games, lessons and play dates; and doing all the voices and accents when she reads a bedtime story.

Read the full story in Chief Marketer on non-traditional radio marketing that includes the Mother's Cookies case study.

To learn more about how CRN can use content marketing to drive your brand objectives, contact Rob O’Mara at or 203.407.3313, Jim Alkon at or 203.407.3341