Custom radio promotions engage audiences outside crowded ad breaks using exciting copy that drives product attributes and attracts attention in ways ads can’t. All of CRN’s promotional radio work is designed to spur a consumer action during a specified time period, but the objectives can vary: get them to clip coupons, drive shoppers to product sites, get people to car dealers or store shelves, get them to download apps and software.

Content Marketing
CRN is often credited with being the pioneer of content marketing on the radio. Branded content engages consumers better than ads, builds brand credibility, forges relationships, induces sales, cuts media costs, creates opportunities for meaningful multiplatform extensions, and provides measurable returns on business objectives.

Digital Marketing
Radio as a medium has been resourceful in creating new platforms to engage listeners where they are most likely to engage, and in the process creating more opportunities for marketers. As Internet radio, streaming, pureplays, on-demand, satellite, and podcasts populate the web, our dashboards and our smartphones, CRN remains on the cutting edge of understanding the power of sound and using it to best communicate your message and meet your objectives.

DJ Endorsements 
CRN artistically matches the perfect radio personalities with your product, then trains and monitors them.  No canned copy points, no lazy reads.  When you hear a CRN-trained personality endorsement, it’s as believable and natural as one from a trusted friend. Endorsements are powerful persuaders when properly connected to your brand and managed in a way that lets their authenticity shine.

Real-People Testimonials
It’s called social proof – the belief that if someone you identify with and trust likes something, it must be good. When done properly, real-people testimonials are impactful, influential and downright believable – real people telling real stories. CRN knows the key to real-people testimonials is keeping the people “real” and not sounding scripted or caught up in the staging process. It’s the power of word of mouth – with the megaphone reach of radio.

Radio is integral to local communities; stations are not only on the air but “out there” in their markets, hosting events, making appearances and interacting with listeners.  CRN uses station events as experiential opportunities for your brand—whether it be couponing, sampling, demonstrations or displays.  We choose only the most relevant events and create new ones specifically for your brand.

Contests and Sweepstakes
Consumers like to participate in the fun and excitement of promotions like contests and sweepstakes and tend to make the connection between contest and brand. CRN’s own research confirms that consumers are more receptive to considering a product that sponsors a contest or sweepstakes. CRN puts all the pieces together, navigating through delicate rules and procedures, implementation and fulfillment, proper radio promotion, driving participation and driving interest in your brand.

Real-Time Marketing
The concept of immediately triggering a message at the right time to the right audience is hardly a spur-of-the-moment endeavor. In fact, real-time marketing requires advanced planning to do it right and make it relevant and appropriate. While real-time marketing has applications in many media, CRN has employed the strategy countless times—often triggered by the weather or a news event—primarily through radio, whose gigantic listener base is suitably primed and available for timely messages delivered close to the point of purchase.