Tips To Maximize Your
Super Bowl Marketing


Once again the NFL championship takes place in a cold-weather destination (Minneapolis, albeit an indoor stadium), which presents marketers with some unique radio marketing opportunities.  Here’s a list of 10 ideas, both Minneapolis game-specific and general, that use the power of radio differently to get fantastic results.

1.      Don’t force your message into traditional advertising pods. Make it captivating and engaging enough to get it placed away from the clutter and delivered by on-air personalities between songs and apart from the ad sets.

2.      For products with high usage during cold or inclement weather, consider a weather-activated game run-up campaign that triggers when the temperature drops or the snow starts to fall. Everything from soup to batteries.

3.      Create a contest tied to Minneapolis sites or symbols, in which a national audience can participate and which engages as a warm-up to the venue and game itself.

4.      Use radio as the call-to-action catalyst leading listeners to websites or live events to qualify for prizes and rewards.

5.      There’s nothing like live store events to drive product sales. Use a football theme, perhaps using local contenders, to get consumers out of the house and into the retailer.

6.      Tease your TV in-game marketing with a radio campaign. See: “Apple, Macintosh launch” as the standard-bearer.

7.      Content remains king for now – useful messaging to help viewers prepare for those game-day parties, such as creative recipes, unique décor, off-the-charts apparel.

8.      Prizes with pizzazz using Minneapolis venues and staples as a backdrop.

9.      Capitalize on that familiar voice. A local trusted on-air personality goes a long way to making a convincing case to consumers for your product.

10.  “Brother, can you spare $7 million?” While the cost of TV time may be prohibitive for many, take advantage of the power and cost-efficiency of radio, with 240 million listeners eager to act on the right call to action.

It’s not too late to capitalize on the sporting event of the year and deliver your marketing message to the consummate center stage.

Need more ideas? Contact CRN International – we’ve used radio differently for 40 years to help consumer brands meet objectives and achieve measurable results.




Jim Alkon
Marketing Director