"Rushmore" to judgment?

Our recent naming of a radio industry Mount Rushmore has continued to spur great debate over whom we selected and whom we didn’t. We anticipated the dialogue and the passion. We did not anticipate a live appearance on The Howard Stern Show to talk about it.

As we said in our original post, we could have made the case for about 20 people to perch on our virtual mountaintop. So just for fun, we thought we’d show you every name nominated by industry professionals (in no particular order) we felt obligated to consider along with Marconi, Paley, Harvey and Stern. Did we make the right choice? Let us know!

Earl Nightingale

Orson Wells

Jonathon Brandmeier

Jack Buck

Chuck Blore

Bob & Ray

Harry Caray

Norman Corwin

Dr. Demento

Bill Drake

Sonny Fox

Steve Inskeep

“The Local Broadcaster”

Gordon McLendon

Randy Michaels

Arch Oboler

Dick Orkin

Ryan Seacrest

Charles Osgood

Janet Parshall

Elvis Presley

Rick Sklar

Jeff Smulyan

Todd Storz

Nina Totenberg

Bob Uecker

Art Vuolo

Paul Galvin

Jim Rome

Jim Williams

Roy Williams

Wolfman Jack