CHALLENGE AMBI was the early innovator in the African-American skincare category, but it began facing increased competition. It needed to make a change to avoid decline, and do so without additional budget. The brand went in search of an economical way to make a big splash, defend its share, and establish itself as the category expert.

INSIGHT More than a third of the total U.S. African-American population lives in tightly knit communities in nine major cities. Radio would give AMBI the opportunity to use an efficient local strategy to hypertarget these markets. What the brand lacked in dollars it made up for with a brand identity that spans generations. The storytelling nature of radio provided the perfect medium to re-ignite a brand passion for AMBI.

SOLUTION Our strategy focused on delivering the AMBI conversation through the voices of an African-American beauty blogger and top radio personalities listeners admire and trust. The beauty blogger shared tips and advice on the best skincare regimen and answered listeners’ questions. The DJs adopted the AMBI regimen and then delivered authentic endorsements of the brand on the air.

RESULT Our approach to radio created customized, branded ways to engage and influence consumers with sought-after content created specifically to achieve AMBI’s marketing objectives. Market campaign results ranged from a 20 percent to as much as a 50 percent sales lift, an impact that exceeded the brand’s TV ROI from previous years.