CHALLENGE Absolut 100 was being introduced in the competitive super-premium spirits category. As part of its branding strategy, Absolut secured sponsorship of Kanye West’s “Glow in the Dark Tour.” The only question was how to efficiently leverage this big name to drive awareness and trial.

INSIGHT To elevate Absolut 100 above the crowded category adscape, CRN knew it would have to employ tactics unlike any used by the competition. It would call for a non-traditional radio campaign that tied the product’s smooth, sexy image and its Kanye West partnership with the local nightclub scene.

SOLUTION CRN positioned Absolut 100 as the sponsor of 60-second radio programs that highlighted popular upscale nightspots in each market. These programs also gave listeners the chance to win a high-end sound system just for naming their favorite nightspot. In other markets, listeners had the chance to win a VIP Kanye West concert package from Absolut. The campaign included brand spots and promotion of Absolut 100 sampling events at local nightclubs.

RESULT This campaign, the first of its kind for Absolut, helped jump-start awareness among the target demo in a genuine, non-advertising way. Best of all, Absolut received a campaign value that was 30 percent greater than the investment.