Channel Marketing

The retail landscape is in the middle of one of its fastest transformations ever, which is creating new opportunities for manufacturers seeking a wider and more sophisticated approach to their retail marketing. CRN gives brands the biggest competitive channel advantage for the least cost by creating turnkey campaigns that help the product and the retailer, whether at the brick-and-mortar store or via purchase-by-click. We provide radio frequency for the retailer in exchange for retailer performance indicators on behalf of the manufacturer.


How we help

  • Boost sales during key sales periods such as holiday, back to school and Q4
  • Negotiate distribution and retailer performance
  • Drive shopper marketing initiatives
  • Demonstrate brand support to key retailers
  • Defend against delisting
  • Overcome competitive parity on shelf
  • Execute hyperlocal retail and strategies
  • Make strategic, efficient use of limited budgets


Insights on Channel Marketing

Five Steps to Help Your Channel Marketing

In a world of overwhelming options for your media dollars, it can seem daunting to find the right mix: brand awareness vehicles, experiential opportunities, social and digital integration, retail initiatives—all focused on achieving a number of brand objectives.

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Case Studies

What would make retail shoppers
most likely to consider buying
a product?

channel_marketing-shoppers-chart_72_4x4 (2).png

Other ways CRN has used retail to gain visibility for brands

See how innovative solutions achieved measurable results


To learn more about how CRN can use channel marketing to drive your brand objectives, contact Rob O’Mara at or 203.407.3313, Jim Alkon at or 203.407.3341