The Connective Tissue

The other day a friend asked how I thought radio was doing in this digital/social age. I’m sure she was looking for a defense statement because everyone is virtually submerged in a digitally controlled lifestyle. I responded that radio is doing fine and will be even better because it is not just a delivery medium. It is an originator of content.  

The World According to Ad Week

Hold on. We’ve heard some 300 sessions X 13 years at Advertising Week preaching the glory of content marketing. Yet there was the moderator of a radio industry panel asking her CMO panelists what final message they’d like to leave for a room full of potential radio advertisers.

The Wild & Wacky of Advertising Week

Perhaps many of the 95,000 attendees at the last week’s Advertising Week 2015 show had never heard the old cliché, “50 percent of my advertising works; I just don’t know which 50 percent.” Yet there they were, gathering in New York for the industry’s annual State of the Union with every intention of improving those odds.

The Art of the Podcast Pitch

Three things marketing people most assuredly hate: (1) being told that their marketing isn’t working; (2) having a tooth pulled without Novocain; and (3) getting a sales pitch. Yet there they were, rows upon rows of marketers and agencies, sitting in an air-conditionless Manhattan auditorium for 3-1/2 hours listening to sales directors and show hosts of the major podcast companies pitching their new series for the fall.