10 Ways to Execute on Your Content Marketing Strategy

First, a reality check:

“We are creating content faster than we can measure the quality control of it.”

The idea of communicating with content (rather than pushing hard product benefits) to advance your brand has become a marketing tsunami, bowling over every conceivable prospect in range. It makes so much sense that it has become a favored sales tool and everybody has tried it.

The Connective Tissue

The other day a friend asked how I thought radio was doing in this digital/social age. I’m sure she was looking for a defense statement because everyone is virtually submerged in a digitally controlled lifestyle. I responded that radio is doing fine and will be even better because it is not just a delivery medium. It is an originator of content.  

The World According to Ad Week

Hold on. We’ve heard some 300 sessions X 13 years at Advertising Week preaching the glory of content marketing. Yet there was the moderator of a radio industry panel asking her CMO panelists what final message they’d like to leave for a room full of potential radio advertisers.